Welcome to ngx-restangular, SemVer isn’t the end of the world

Recently there have been a lot of buzz in community regarding Angular Semantic Versioning changes. Community has been aware of a mess that might happen due to such switch. ‘ng2’ prefix is in use by the most of open source libraries/projects that expected Angular index being stable for a long time. Upon SemVer implementation many ‘ng2’ names have become obsolete when new package owners have started playing ‘who is faster’ game in getting new names in npm.

Last update: April 20, 2017

Official ngx-restangular documentation was released. Great opportunity to use Angular Universal. Refer to ngx-restangular official site.

Wait a minute...Do I have to rename my repo?

At the moment there is no common practice for Angular components naming. Therefore you can find such prefixes as 'ng2', 'angular2', or simply 'angular' taking into account the framework is only Angular now. In our not so humble opinion, the best solution has been suggested by Olivier Combe and Austin McDaniel, who offered using ngx prefix for version Angular 2+ libraries to avoid this mess.

Some part of the community can say that 'ngx' is too similar to ngRx, so 'ngx' name space will not be recognizable. There is a simple explanation for that. We really need it in unifying all Angular 2+ open source libraries and components with pointing out they are not for AngularJS. Especially knowing that the latest major version released is Angular 4 nowadays.

Welcome to ngx-family, restangular :)

At this point we consider it as our responsibility to rename ng2-restangular to ngx-restangular which is proudly announcing with current post. For more information, please refer to ngx-restangular Twitter account .


Moreover, we are hardly working on official ngx-restangular documentation. As soon as it’s ready to use it will be living on http://ngx-restangular.com.

Feel free to reach us in case you have any questions and suggestions. We will be more than happy to assist you.